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72 Lessons: From Beginner To Winner

PGA Golf Coach Mostyn Farmer introduces you to the fundamentals of Golf and then over the next 72 lessons, you’ll learn the advanced golf techniques to drop your course score and start making clutch putts.

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Short Course: Bunker Play

Playing shots out of bunkers can be the toughest skill in golf to master and the volume of information can be overwhelming. This series of six lessons will take you through playing this shot with confidence and a high success rate.

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Introduction: To Golf

Welcome to the Game of Golf. Over the next four lessons we’ll introduce you to the 72 Golf Lessons that will take you from Beginner To Winner. We take a look in the bag and see what clubs we have to play with. Then we outline some of the basic rules and etiquette of golf before looking at how to proceed around a golf course. Finally, we look at the proper golf alignment and fundamental terminology relating to golf, the golf swing and flight path of the ball.

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Short Course: Shot Making

The ability to shape shots from side to side, control their trajectory and play from a wide variety of lies in all conditions are some of the hallmarks of an accomplished golfer. PGA Golf Coach Mostyn Farmer walks you through eight lessons for advanced shot making.

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Short Course: Putting

A good putting stroke has a few moving parts and is based on a simple rhythm. Better putting is about making a series of small adjustments and in this 8 lessons short course, PGA Golf Coach Mostyn Farmer will take you through the fundamentals of good putting before showing you the advanced techniques that will help you sink more putts regardless of distance.

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Short Course: Chipping

The chipping short course looks at the 5 lessons for mastering chipping. Chipping can look so effortless and easy when you’re watching but can be very hard to perfect. PGA Golf Coach Mostyn Farmer walks you through the 5 lessons for Chipping that will help you to master this crucial skill.

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Short Course: Wood Play

Fairway wood shots require a slightly different technique versus a driver or iron shot. In this five-lesson short course, PGA Golf Coach Mostyn Farmer will walk you through the right techniques that will have you hitting the ball cleaner and longer off the fairway.

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Short Course: Golf Strategies

A good golf strategy can save you countless shots over your round. Fortunately, there are several key strategies anyone can easily utilize and PGA Golf Coach Mostyn Farmer will show you through the next five lessons, how to play smart by picking the right target and the right shot.

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Short Course: Practice Techniques

PGA Golf Coach Mostyn Farmer takes you through three lessons outlining the best quality practice tips to help your golf game. Learn how to control your movement, perfect your swing technique and perform at your best when you’re out on the course.

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Short Course: Pitching

If you’re able to pitch the ball accurately around the greens, you’ll shoot lower scores. The pitching short course includes five lessons that will show you exactly how to do that. PGA Golf Coach Mostyn Farmer talk you through the basics like clubface and stance through to the more advanced skills including swing and contact technique to pitch with precision.

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