Mostyn Farmer BSc Golf coach From Beginner to Winner

Personalised Golf Instruction, backed up with our unique golf video series and self assessment program to help you achieve your golfing goals.
Led by Australian PGA Golf coach Mostyn Farmer, our team is here to help you whether you are a beginner or an advanced golfer. Mostyn currently resides in Perth, WA and coaches from the Melville Golf Centre PH 0412853700

Mostyn would like to introduce – The 1 Academy of Golf video series 72 Lessons from Beginner to Winner. Developed with consultation from a team of educational professionals, golf coaches, fitness experts and golf tour players to bring you the best in structured golf coaching available.

It’s a functional easy to use tool for golfers at any level.

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You will be following a proven golf coaching system that will help you improve your game and enjoy consistent golf.

For the beginner to golf, the series will teach you how to play the game starting with the basic fundamentals of golf.

The 72 videos are a great introduction to golf with drills and tips to get your golfing adventures started right.

The more advanced lessons are designed to complement your current (PGA professional) lesson program and give you proven techniques and drills to help advance you to your desired level.

Professional golf lessons in the palm of your hand

We have tailor-made one-shot golf lesson plans for you to get the most out of your golf.

All included FREE with your membership.

Free fixes for your golf game

Putting Drills


Power Drive


Chip Shots


Bunker Shots


PGA Professional

Mostyn Farmer is an accomplished Golf Professional certified with the Australian PGA who has an extensive coaching background.

72 Lessons & Plans

Improve your game with our 72 golf lesson series or simply focus on one part of your game with one of our core golf lesson plans.


Get Certified. As you complete the 72 lessons, you’ll need to pass our certifications to progress to the advanced lessons.

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Mostyn Farmer, The1Academy, Mount Lawley, WA, 6005

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