Lesson 69 – Advanced Bunker Play (Bunker Play L4.1)

Lesson 69 – Advance methods to control Distance, Fight and Spin in the sand (where you hit, how deep and length of backswing) Bunker Play L4.1


Lesson 47 – Advanced Bunker Play (Bunker Play L3.2)

Lesson 47 – Advanced techniques to play various Plugged Lies and off the Downslope. Plugged Lies #1 poached, #2 complete, #3 in face. Bunker Play L3.2


Lesson 41 – Intermediate Bunker Play (Bunker Play L3.1)

Lesson 41 – The Fairway Bunker Shot Bunker Play L3.1


Lesson 21 – Bunker Play (Bunker Play L2.1)

Lesson 21 – Introduction to practice drills for bunker play (Impact drill No1 & 2) Options for bunker play – spine angle ball position (Bunker Play L2.1)


Lesson 15 – Bunker Play Techniques (Bunker Play L1.2)

Lesson 15 Explains the 3 fundamentals of Bunker Play with practice drills to improve control. Drills include: Line drill with balls, divot drill and chase the ball. (Bunker Play L1.2)


Lesson 14 – Introduction to Bunker Play (Bunker Play L1.1)

Lesson 14 – Introduction to Bunker Play explains the basic technique and the line drills as well as explaining the rules and etiquette of bunker play. (Bunker Play L1.1)