Lesson 16 – Full Swing Quality Practice (Full Swing L1.6)

Lesson 16 – Introduces quality practice drills using alignment devices and practice swings. (Full Swing L1.6)


Lesson 12 – Chipping Fundamentals (Chipping L1.2)

Lesson 12 – Explores the beginner techniques and drills for chipping with the 3 position drill, anti-flicky wrist drill #1 & #2 and weight on front foot. (Chipping L1.2)


Lesson 18 – Self Assessment (Self Assessment L1.1)

Lesson 18 – Self Assessment For The Blue Stripe. Now that you have completed the Blue Foundation Golf Lessons you are ready to take the first self-assessment. Download the Blue Technique [...]


Lesson 17 – Wood Play Fundamentals (Wood Play L1.1)

Lesson 17 – Introduces the fundamental techniques for hitting wood shots. Includes half swings for eye-hand control and the Swish Drill. (Wood Play L1.1)


Lesson 13 – Full Swing Practice (Full Swing L1.5)

Lesson 13 – Full Swing practice technique which includes drills for hitting clean shots, shadow drills / using markers 1-3 & club under nose drill. (Full Swing L1.5)


Lesson 15 – Bunker Play Techniques (Bunker Play L1.2)

Lesson 15 Explains the 3 fundamentals of Bunker Play with practice drills to improve control. Drills include: Line drill with balls, divot drill and chase the ball. (Bunker Play L1.2)


Lesson 14 – Introduction to Bunker Play (Bunker Play L1.1)

Lesson 14 – Introduction to Bunker Play explains the basic technique and the line drills as well as explaining the rules and etiquette of bunker play. (Bunker Play L1.1)


Lesson 11 – Introduction to Chipping (Chipping L1.1)

Lesson 11 – Shows you the fundamentals of Chipping including the terms and techniques. (Chipping L1.1)


Lesson 10 – Full Swing Techniques & Drills (Full Swing L1.4)

Lesson 10 – Let’s recap our Full Swing fundamentals with practice drills for the Full Swing #1, #2 & #3. (Full Swing L1.4)


Lesson 09 – Full Swing Fundamentals (Full Swing L1.3)

Lesson 9 – Closing out the Full Swing fundamentals, we show you a three position drill for the full swing including the no stop backswing with a holding finish.

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